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Meet Clarington

Royalty & Friends

Riverland Kingdom


Oh. Hi there. Prince Clarington here. I am so super bored today. I mean, I’ve already counted all my gold coins, played with my race car, and watched cartoons in my personal theater room. Maybe I’ll call one of my friends on my gold phone . . .

I’m part of the Fab 5 with my best friends – Prince Felipe, Prince Reginald, Princess Courtney, and Princess Theresa. We have everything we want, except for super powers. But who needs super powers when you have a gold phone?! #Fab5rules #SAPHdrools

Favorite Quote:

"I don't care what anyone says. Being rich is a good thing.”

-Mark Cuban


  • Favorite subject:
    • Prince Clarington
  • Favorite color:
    • Money green
  • Favorite hobby:
    • Counting money
  • Favorite food:
    • Caviar
  • Favorite ice cream flavor:
    • The golden opulent sundae
  • Favorite music:
    • Electronica

Q & A ...

  • What he likes to do on a rainy day:
    • Lounge next to his indoor pool
  • Which real-life hero inspires him?
    • Napoleon
  • City he would love to visit:
    • The other rooms in his lavish castle.