It’s About Social Good

The Super Amazing Princess Heroes are about teamwork, girl power, and helping others! SDPH plans to work with many non-profit organization and charities.

Special Project with World Children’s Initiative

The next SAPH picture book, “The Gift of Gift”, will be available in October 2016! In this special story, we find our favorite Super Amazing Princess Heroes in Uganda, where they’re helping build a new school. But Kinney gets very sick with a heart condition and flies back to the U.S. for medical help. The girls soon learn that one of their Ugandan friends, a wonderful girl named Gift, is sick with the same condition.

Gift needs to fly to the U.S. as well – but what if she didn’t need to? What if she had a hospital in Uganda that could help other kids just like her? The Super Amazing Princess Heroes spring into action and show that being a smart, powerful, and kind girl goes a long way in helping other people!

“The Gift of Gift” is the result of a special partnership with World Children’s Initiative (“WCI”). In addition to building a hospital in Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami, WCI built a heart center in Uganda, which was the first facility of its type on the African continent. The story’s main character is based on a real-life girl named Gift, who was WCI’s first heart patient in Uganda. Profits from the book will be shared with WCI. Award-winning author Sanjay Nambiar and acclaimed artist Sedi Pak, who is illustrating the book, provided their services pro bono for the project.

Upcoming Non-Profit Partnerships

When you support the Super Amazing Princess Heroes, you’ll be helping those in need in real life and supporting the girl power movement around the globe. Together, we can unlock the superpowers that are within each of us. A list of our non-profit and charity partners will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out our Girl Power Resources.