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“Hot Wings”

By Saurabh Kikani and Sanjay Nambiar

“‘Here Comes the Sun’ by the Beatles is my favorite song ever!” shouted Kid Icarus.

“Please refrain from talking,” Oceana quietly giggled. “You’re disturbing the lesson.”

Kid Icarus was one of Oceana’s best friends. Most of the kids at school called him Russ. He loved science and math just like her. But unlike Oceana, he was easily distracted. He would get so excited that he sometimes forgot where he was or what he was doing. Just like right now.

Miss Luna was teaching them about the sun. She smiled coolly. “Thank you, Oceana. Yes, Kid Icarus, let’s pay attention to the lesson. But just so you know, I love that song, too.”

Miss Luna pointed to a picture of the sun, her fingers glowing like moonlight the closer they got to the picture of the sun. “The sun is the center of our solar system, which is a galaxy. There are many galaxies in this universe. We are a small part of a much bigger system. Isn’t that wondrous?!”

The children were amazed by the idea of something so big. Miss Luna continued, “The earth and other planets revolve around the Sun. It takes one year, or 365 days, for the earth to make a trip around the sun.”

Oceana raised her hand. “Miss Luna, approximately how far away is the sun?” Miss Luna replied, “Very far away, Oceana. Almost 93 million miles!”

Oceana thought about what it would be like to fly 93 million miles into the sky.

“Okay, lunch time!” exclaimed Miss Luna.

Kid Icarus ran up to Oceana, Sammie, and Kinney on the playground. He was holding his unique backpack. It had giant shiny white wings on the sides. “Hi girls!” he yelled. “Hi Russ!” they replied.

“Check this out,” Russ said, pointing to his backpack. “I made wax wings in my dad’s workshop. They actually work! They let me fly!”

Oceana jumped for joy. “That’s so cool!”

“Yup!” said Russ. “Wanna race? To the sun?!”

The girls gave Oceana a funny look. Oceana shook her head. “I do not think that is a good idea, Russ. The sun is far away and very hot. And I’m only supposed to use my powers to help others.”

Russ shrugged his shoulders. He put on his winged backpack and said, “Suit yourself!” He took off up into the clouds like a bird!

Kinney tapped Oceana on the shoulder and said, “Yo, maybe you should go. Make sure he doesn’t hurt himself.”

Oceana nodded. “I agree with your suggestion,” she said to Kinney. Oceana put on her tiara and spun around in a whirl of purple smoke. She changed into a SUPER AMAZING PRINCESS HERO!

Oceana charged up to the sky and caught up with Kid Icarus. He looked at Oceana and flew even faster. They went up and up and up and up! The two friends raced until the clouds were tiny white dots far below their feet.

They flew beyond the blue sky and into space! They were getting closer to the sun. It felt bigger and hotter. Oceana yelled out, “Okay, Russ! That is far enough! The heat is too extreme. We should return to earth!”

Russ looked back at Oceana and said “Ha! You’re just saying that because I’m winning. No way, Missy! I’m gonna go to the sun!”

Oceana looked worried. Kid Icarus’ wings looked like they were dripping. The wax was melting!

The heat became stronger. It was like flying into an oven. One of the wax wings melted off the backpack! Russ started falling, spinning around and around. Smoke rose from his hair. “Help me!” he cried.

He was falling fast back to the earth. Oceana had only a few seconds to save him. She took a deep breath. The heat was strong for her as well. Her tiara was hot like fire. She closed her eyes and concentrated. When she opened them, she flew as fast as she could to Kid Icaraus. With her tiara glowing hot, Oceana looked like a shooting star!

Kid Icarus was falling faster. Time was running out. Oceana shut her teeth together and gave one more super effort. She was trying her absolute best.

And you know what happened? She reached Kid Icarus! Oceana held out her arms and caught him. “Got ya!” she yelled.

They flew softly back down to the playground.

“Thank you!” exclaimed Kid Icarus. He was out of breath and shaking. “That was super scary. I’ve never fallen that fast.”

Oceana smiled “No problem, Russ. You were simply trying to apply advanced flight principles towards your wings. I salute your effort. But you do have to be careful! Warnings exist for a reason.”

Back at school, they saw a worried Miss Luna and the rest of the class. “Are you okay?” asked Miss Luna as she hugged Oceana and Kid Icarus.

Kid Icarus replied, “Just fine, Miss Luna. Thanks to Oceana!”

Oceana giggled and said, “Oh my, that adventurous flight has left me famished!”

Sammie smiled, “Say no more!” She took out a plate of hot wings from her lunch pail. She offered them to everyone.

Kid Icarus laughed. “Oh, I can tell you all about hot wings!” Oceana grinned as she shook her head.