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“Fiona’s Fine Moment: The Super Amazing Princess Heroes Save Christmas”

Written by Sanjay Nambiar & Saurabh Kikani

“Jingle Bells” softly flowed at the ice skating rink on Christmas Eve. Fiona, Kinney, Oceana, and Sammie were having a great time. The ice rink was special and Fiona could be on it with her wheelchair. She was gliding along and spinning and even doing tricks!

At one point, Oceana fell down. Fiona rolled over to her and helped her up. “You’ll get your balance soon enough! Skating can’t be harder than flying!” Fiona said to Oceana.

“Easy for you to say, super glider!” replied Oceana.

Fiona smiled at Oceana and gave her a wink.

Just then, the girls noticed their backpacks shaking. It was their tiaras! Something was up.

The girls got off the rink. Fiona pressed the chrome-colored jewel in the middle of her tiara. They heard the voice of Doris, one of the Fairy Teacher Mother Superstar Queens.

“Girls! How’s ice skating?”

“It’s super amazing fun!” shouted Sammie.

“Well, I hate to break up the good time, but we need your help. I just got an emergency call from Santa Claus. He has a big problem!”

The girls looked at each other nervously. It was 5:00 p.m. on December 24. This was not a good time for Santa to have a problem!


Meanwhile, in the North Pole . . .

Santa Claus was getting ready for his biggest night of the year. “Jingle Bells” flowed in the workshop. But it was the only thing that seemed right.

Half-finished toys were scattered around the room. Tools were lying on work benches. Pieces of peppermint candy stuck to the floor. Lots and lots of candy was everywhere. And the elves were acting crazy! Gina the Elf was laughing by herself. Carlos the Elf was crying for no reason. Jasmine the Elf was on the ground, sick to her stomach.

“No! No! No!” exclaimed Santa.

“Too. Much. Candy!” grumbled Will the Elf as he clutched his aching belly. All the elves ran out of the workshop and back to their rooms.

Santa walked around the workshop. He sadly looked at a few wooden horses, iPads, board games, building blocks, and other toys. None of them was finished, let alone wrapped and ready to be delivered. He picked up a stuffed teddy bear, it’s left arm still not attached. Santa scrunched his lips and tears started to form in his eyes.

“I hope the Super Amazing Princess Heroes get here as soon as possible,” said Santa.

Santa was fixing a toy when a puff of rainbow smoke appeared in the middle of the workshop. From it appeared Kinney, Oceana, Sammie, and Fiona! Fiona rolled up to Santa in her super wheelchair.

“Santa, Doris told us about the situation. We’re here to help!” she said.

“Thank goodness!” yelled Santa. “Let’s get to work.”

Oceana flew to the top shelves of the workshop and pulled down tools and toy parts. Sammie used her super strength to move the heaviest pieces, like walls for dollhouses and frames for bicycles. Kinney flashed through the workshop with her super speed. She screwed in toy pieces, sewed up stuffed animals, and wrapped thousands of toys each minute.

Fiona might have had the toughest job. Everyone needed her x-ray vision and super smart skills. Without the elves around, she was the only one who could learn how to assemble each toy. She worked so fast her brain was on overdrive. Sweat beaded on her forehead. She figured how all the pieces came together for each game, device, race car, and everything else!

Santa was amazed. “Wow, Fiona, I’ve never even seen the other elves figure out the toys this fast!”

Fiona took a quick break from her work and looked at Henry. “Thanks, Santa. It’s my honor to help! Plus, this is what I love to do!”

“And it shows,” said Santa. He smiled and looked at everyone working so hard. “I haven’t had this much fun since the ice storm of 1814!” he said with glee.


It was only a few minutes before midnight.

The Super Amazing Princess Heroes and Santa packed all the toys into his magical sleigh. Even though it looked small, inside it held millions of wrapped toys.

Rudolph and the other reindeer were ready to take off. Santa climbed inside. And then . . . nothing happened.

The sleigh made a few loud coughing sounds. Smoke came out from its back. The reindeer looked at each other and stopped playing their reindeer games.

Santa placed his right palm on his forehead. “I can’t believe this. My sleigh has broken down!”

Kinney, Oceana, and Sammie looked worried. Sammie’s eyes became watery and she started to sniffle. Rudolph was so stressed that his red nose turned purple. Fiona, however, seemed relaxed. She smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Santa, I got this!”

Fiona rolled in her wheelchair closer to Santa. She used her x-ray vision and looked inside the entire sleigh. From the front to the back, she looked for clues. The magic turbo engine looked fine. The super speedy tires were in good shape. There was enough pixie dust in the tank.

“What could the problem be?” wondered Fiona.

She looked up and down. Everyone watched silently as Fiona’s x-ray eyes moved around and around.

“There it is!” she exclaimed. “It’s a wire at the bottom of the engine. It’s disconnected. That’s why the sleigh won’t work! Sammie, can you use your super strength to pick up the sleigh? Hold it up and I’ll connect the wire again.”

Sammie’s sad frown turned to a smile. “I’d love to!”

Sammie picked up the sleigh and held it high above her head. Fiona rolled underneath it. She found the dangling wire and connected it.

Once the sleigh was back down, Santa looked again to his reindeer. “Come on, boys, it’s go time!” he shouted. He flipped a switch and the engine came to life!

“Fiona, Kinney, Ocean, Sammie – I can’t thank you enough. Without your help, I could have never have delivered these toys to children around the world.”

“Our pleasure, Mr. Claus!” replied Oceana.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” Santa called out as he guided the sleigh into the night sky.

The girls gave each other high-fives. Fiona’s super wheelchair sparkled even more in the twinkling lights of the workshop.

“Yo, who’s in the mood for candy canes?” asked Kinney.

“We probably shouldn’t be eating sugar this late at night,” said Fiona. “But then again, we just saved Christmas. So maybe a little treat wouldn’t be so bad!”

They all had a little candy cane, which was made from organic sugar, of course. It was a happy Christmas for all, and they all had a good night.